Affitti brevi: cedolare secca dimezzata al 10%?

For short rents a 10% dry coupon instead of the 21% you pay today. This is what emerges in one of the countless amendments to the budget law which will be voted on Tuesday by the competent Senate committee.

The proposal of the 10% dry coupon for short rents will concern, if approved also the contacts concluded also with the electronic platforms like Airbnb, in any case the measure would come into force on an experimental basis for three years.


The funds are there, the amendment was re-tabled by the Democratic Party after being initially excluded from the maneuvers of the maneuver precisely because it was considered to have no financial coverage.

This for what concerns the rents for residential use while for the commercial leases of the buildings, vacated for at least two years and located in the historic centers, the proposal of the first government party is to bring the coupon rate to 15% in order to facilitate the reopening of bars, shops, craft shops and other activities.

Always better than nothing, but certainly one cannot think that this is enough to revitalize the historical centers from an economic point of view.

Federalbeghi launched against the 10% dry coupon for rents:

The proposal to reduce taxation on short-term leases generates serious damage, both for companies that respect the rules and pay taxes, and for citizens looking for a house for rent. We ask those who presented it to withdraw it and we appeal to all the members of Parliament to reject it without hesitation if it is put to the vote. The 10% rate was born with a social purpose, to facilitate the stipulation of rental contracts with agreed rents and to reduce tensions on the residential construction market. Extending the incentive to tourist locations will have the opposite effect and promote the expulsion of families from historic centers. Furthermore, it is not clear what is the logic that leads to rewarding subjects operating outside of every rule, often managing hundreds of accommodations.



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