Dalle imposte sull’acquisto alle spese di gestione, quanto costa mantenere una seconda casa?

Those who own a second home may know that the cost of maintaining it is higher than that of the first. This, above all, because of taxes. But also the users do their part. Let’s see, in detail, how much you need to shell out.

Purchase – When buying the second home, it is not possible to enjoy the tax concessions provided for the first. This means that, if you buy from the manufacturer, the VAT is 10% and if the property is luxury the VAT is 22%; if you buy from a private individual, you pay the registration tax of 9%.

New house and money

New house and money

Taxes – Imu and Tasi are paid on the second house. While in fact the first house enjoys the tax exemption, the second does not.

Waste – The waste tax must then be considered. There are municipal regulations that establish a higher rate for the second home than the first, with amounts however varying from Municipality to Municipality.

Utilities – As far as electricity bills are concerned, higher rates are foreseen for the second home than for the properties where the residence is owned. The gas, on the other hand, undergoes no changes except for the geographical area.

Legal costsLegal costs must be faced when deciding to use the second home as an investment. In this case, there is a registration tax payable for the rental agreement. The risk that the tenant must be evicted due to arrears or due to the expiry of the contract must also be taken into consideration.

Management – The owner of a second home often does not participate in condominium meetings, this means that he can find himself “suffering” the decisions taken by the assembly. All this translates into a higher cost for the management of the apartment.

Income tax – The second home makes income, therefore it must be included in the tax return. Rental taxed income can benefit from the dry coupon, but often the benefits obtained from the rent are barely able to balance the expenses.

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